Campaign Automation

Campaign Management from A to Z

Campaign Automation by Tblondi is the essential tool to manage your marketing processes.

Get more traffic, more sales & installs, and total control over your Creators & Media campaigns using one highly customisable software platform designed for all type of business and campaigns volume. Campaigns feature gives you a complete overview into your campaign execution. Store all relevant KPIa in one place and receive real time data on demand.

Automated or manual payments.

Dedicated Account Management.

Flexible multi-tiered campaigns remuneration models.

Based on performance metrics that are tied to business results.

Define budget, preferred spending model and targeting.

Integrates with 3rd party media platform providers or products.

Conveniently sync Tblondi Tracking data with tools like Tableau or Segment.

Take your campaigns to the next level with Tblondi's hyper-targeting feature, developed in collaboration with a large pool of our Data Partners and API Providers.

Automatically allocate budget to the most suitable influencers based on defined parameters to run Always-On campaigns.

Confidently measure actual sales & installs as well as post conversion events with Tblondi's tracking 7 attribution tools and comprehensive set of third party measurement partners.