Content Creators

Tblondi fundamentally believes in the value of creators.

Tblondi Marketplace is a monetization platform that connects creators with brands for branded content campaigns. Tblondi Marketplace helps you get paid to include advertiser content in your social media and blog post, and provides campaign management, creative and legal resources. You always retain creative control and you choose who you work with.

Eligibility requirements

Tblondi Marketplace is a monetization service that is being rolled out to all type of channels no matter your size or geographical location. However, to be part of Tblondi Marketplace, channels must meet these minimum eligibility requirements:

Get started with Tblondi Marketplace

Follow these instructions on your computer. You’ll only get this option if you’re eligible for Tblondi Marketplace:

Am I guaranteed to get branded content deals after I sign up?

We’ll do our best to match you with opportunities.