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Tblondi Marketplace is a refined self-service platform designed to empower creators by connecting them with brands for branded content opportunities. It enables you to monetize your social media presence by integrating advertiser content seamlessly into your platforms.

Tblondi Marketplace is in Beta and Only Available to Eligible Creators. Secure Your Early Invitation and Gain Preferred Channel Status!

Eligibility requirements

Tblondi Marketplace is a monetization service that is being rolled out to all type of channels no matter your size or geographical location. However, to be part of Tblondi Marketplace, channels must meet these minimum eligibility requirements:

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Tblondi Marketplace is currently in Beta and only available to pre-registered creators. Fill up and submit the form to get invited.

How can I work with Tblondi Creator Marketplace?

Right now, Tblondi Creator Marketplace is in Beta and is currently accessible only to a limited number of creators who have pre-registered.

Can agents / managers use Tblondi Creator Marketplace for their creators?

Yes. We send email notifications about new campaign opportunities to the email address associated with the channel. If the creator wants agent / manager to get these email notifications, they can modify the email address associated with their channel.