Engagement Tools

Place your ads where the action is

Get the most valuable ad placements on the market in just a few clicks. Our innovative solution lets you integrate your brand immersively on the game map, overlays or esport Widgets.

Streaming Overlays

Streaming overlays make it easy to display optimised, dynamic brand logos on any stream or video. Everything is highly customisable and with immersively blended presets available for all popular games, your esports customers are only clicks away from a finished setup.

Twitch Extension

The Tblondi twitch extension helps you keep track of your audience and integrates automatically with our streaming overlays by changing displayed ads, brands and game information on the fly, based on live viewership data.

Play Video

In-game Ads

In-game ads provide a new, exciting way to advertise in esports. Through careful placements we add unobstrusive, branded assets to games, effectively bringing product placement into virtual worlds. There’s no impact on the players or the setup, it’s broadcaster only. 100% compatible with any broadcasting solution out there.

Esports Widgets

Capitalise on Esport visualisation tools locates across various media platforms from our rapidly growing partners network. With advanced team statistics and individual player statistics, 2d replay maps, it issure to drive in-widget ads conversion.